The Challenge:

You have needs that aren’t being met in isolation.

You don't need a guru, a shiny object, or information overwhelm.

You don't want another group that doesn't understand you or play at your level.

Even before Covid you were tired of being the lone wolf who's ahead of your pack, and you've yearning for peers of talent and experience who understand you, support you, contribute to you, who raise the bar for what's possible...

You have an appetite to achieve bigger dreams with Ease, Flow, and Synchronicity.

You want daily connection with your Money Honey and your own inner compass.


There's a BETTER way to get your needs met so you can realize your true potential, faster.

Even high-achieving superstars will find themselves performing better and getting more done--with less effort and more enjoyment—with the right support system.


This is Your Online Love Club for Rapid Results...

  • Learn how to do less to get more done
  • Master short (and addictive) bursts of forward action every day
  • Get support and coaching to make continuous improvements
  • Achieve more than you ever have before
  • Surround yourself with a highly committed community of like-minded do-gooders who share a common understanding of Money Monsters and Money Honeys

Why I created the The Coven™:
there's a Gap...


My client Pam bought my workbook on Amazon in 2013, used it religiously on her own for two years and had her first quarter of a million dollar sales month… BEFORE she hired me to coach her for a year for $60,000!

Happy dance.

And a few days ago I heard from a woman on Facebook who purchased my book years ago and didn’t use it.


This is the gap that drives me bananas.

It’s just too easy to fall through the cracks and not get the results you want and need. Obviously the conventional approach of self-study products and programs—dumping a ton of information in your lap and saying, “good luck with that!”--isn’t good enough.

And even rock stars like Pam do BETTER with support and accountability (turning those 6 figures into 7 and more)… and you don’t need to invest $60,000 to get it.

The Results Accelerator™ closes the gap.

It’s gentle. It’s fun. It’s effective.

And it takes less than 15 minutes a day to rock your world.



The Coven™ is totally different from the online "information dump" of other programs.


Because information doesn't produce results.

Participation produces results.

You already have content. Now let's get it working for you!


Suzy McCalley, Brazil

Morgana’s Results Accelerator is like a little bubble of love and support in what can be a scary entrepreneurial landscape. This is an amazing tool that gives you direct access to invaluable coaching from Morgana herself! Thanks to this group I feel seen, supported and I’m more consistently productive! I High recommend this program for anyone looking to make a change and get more done in their lives or business!

Suzy McCalley, Brazil

THE NEW PARADIGM: Participation Leads to Transformation


The underlying philosophy of this program is "Get more done by doing less."

Take baby steps. Connect with your Money Honey. Tiny daily actions create new neurological (brain) patterns that produce better results with less effort every day.


The game is rigged in your favor.

Action creates progress. Progress creates confidence. Confidence creates momentum. Momentum creates more progress and faster, more dramatic successes. It's an upward spiral.


You reconnect with your Money Honey on a daily basis.

It’s hard enough maintaining a healthy, loving relationship with another human being. Staying connected to a partner who has no body? That’s the biggest Money Honey challenge… and we solve it here.


You won't be doing this alone.

You'll have your community of cheerleaders beside you, walking the same path with you every step of the way. And your coach checking in and giving supportive guidance.



Charmaine Panares, Philippines

”By Gods grace and Morgana’s program I was able to literally see results in my finances I have never had in 11 years… I felt safe, secure and guided to trust myself and instincts. I feel it’s a major downpour of love in every area of my life after years menacing heart ache. I am so grateful to Morgana for this magical program. Yay!!!”

Charmaine Panares, Philippines
Marshall Burtcher, Idaho

“My first four weeks in the Results Accelerator Program has brought about several things for me:

1) $12,000 in contracted revenue (where my average as been $4500 a month, so big increase)

2) Quite a bit deeper reach in my own blocks and seeing how to use the money honey to help bring those to closure and healing

3) finally a space where I can share my own struggles without exposure publicly and can get support I need personally

I’ve really appreciated the love and concern and care I’ve felt from others in my group.  Its really been bolstering and empowering. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking support, community, encouragement, and more money!

Marshall Burtcher, Idaho
Taina Pemberton, Finland

I love Morgana’s Results Accelerator! When I first heard about her Money Honey approach several years ago, I fell in love with it straight away. But it’s always been hard for me to connect with my MH on a daily basis. I keep starting again and then gradually fall out of the habit of talking to him. The Results Accelerator makes it easy and keeps me focused on my goals and what action I want to take. It’s also helped me to put myself first and take care of my needs, which I’ve really struggled with. I want to fill my life with the important stuff, and this programme helps me do that.

Taina Pemberton, Finland
Desiree Gerretzen, France & Holland

Even with distractions I feel I got more focused with this program. I keep choosing magic and happiness and trusting the process.

Desiree Gerretzen, France & Holland

This is Where The Magic Happens.

(And those green check marks feel fantastic.)



Here's what comes with membership...

  • SUCCESS COACH: Giving you online coaching and feedback at least 3-4 times per week.
  • SMALL GROUPS & PERSONAL ATTENTION: Up to 12 people working with you and cheering you on!
  • DAILY FOCUS: Easy daily questions focus your priorities, access your Money Honey's wisdom, and get you going on the right foot
  • REWARDS & ACCOUNTABILITY: You and your teammates witness and celebrate your journey with online check ins and prizes.
  • GROUP FORUM: Connection to a like-minded community to request help, share discoveries, and help each other.
  • GOAL SETTING GUIDANCE: Trainings on how to choose the juiciest goal that pulls you forward
  • NO DISTRACTIONS (like Facebook and other social media)
  • "MONEY LOVE LAB" COACHING CALLS: call in for laser coaching and Q&A with Morgana herself

Demetria Manuselis, Ohio

I am loving the accelerator program. I was a bit resistant, and yet now it feels like a fun game. I can’t stop it!! Love it.

Demetria Manuselis, Ohio
Carmen Taylor, Colombia

You are in for a treat. I’ve had many coaches and no one come close to Morgana Rae. Get ready to cry, get ready to laugh, get ready to change your life forever more.

Carmen Taylor, Colombia
Tanja Jaeger, South Africa

So, yes it does work every day, I am loving life, feeling loved, filled with joy and gratitude and you know its not the money, but the fact that I so totally feel worthy and love myself. So thank you so so much you have changed my life.

Tanja Jaeger, South Africa
Jan Remzi, Australia

I’m feeling really empowered, supported (thank you Fellow Results-Getters, and in particular YOU, Morgana) and I have a clearer vision and direction.

Jan Remzi, Australia

Science Behind Success:

Three Accelerator Secrets

The program design uses 3 science-based  "Accelerator Success Secrets" to

literally re-wire your brain for success.

Accelerator Success Secret: #1 Gamification

  • The theory behind gamification: playing for rewards and recognition makes action fun and addictive.
  • Rewards built in to the program with checkmarks, graphs, comments, badges, and prizes
  • Seeing increased productivity and bigger results in your life
  • Having your increased productivity and results recognized and celebrated by your teammates

Accelerator Success Secret #2: Neurological Patterning

  • Neurons that Fire together Wire together.
  • The more you think and feel something, the stronger that connection becomes.
  • What you do daily becomes wired in your brain and easy to execute, automatic.
  • The more you check in with your Money Honey, the easier it becomes to feel that connection and access your Money Honey’s input.

Accelerator Success Secret #3: Group Dynamics

  • “Environment is stronger than willpower.” Buckminster Fuller
  • Studies show people perform better when they know they’re being Witnessed.
  • The support of a small group, in a safe, positive, non-critical environment, is a game-changing success tool.
  • Be real: the more you are open and honest with your struggles and successes, the more others will relate to you and support you.


Tamar Baruch, France

The love I feel in the group, the shift of the group since we started, it’s as if we are all in the ‘magic’ now and more confident about our goals.

Tamar Baruch, France
Lori Ann Lothian, Canada

Most mastermind communities I’ve tried so far have had little structure for regular accountability, direct feedback and a real sense of progress. In fact, most of these groups also eventually withered from lack of consistent use by participants. By contrast, Morgana Rae’s Results Accelerator has allowed me to find far more discipline and enthusiasm for achieving my short and long term goals. Features such as the built in rewards for showing up regularly, the graph that charts my upward momentum and the feedback from others daily in the structured comments section, have all made my build up to launching my Awakened Magic course feel effortless and fun. 

Lori Ann Lothian, Canada




What happens when you enroll

  • The day the program begins, Morgana will teach a live "on boarding" class to walk you through the system and help you develop your juicy goal for the 4-week session.
  • Then you'll check in for a few minutes 4 to 7 times a week to share you intentions, your challenges, and your accomplishments.
  • Every time you log in to your progress dashboard you'll aslo check in with your Money Honey and tune in to your Money Honey's encouragement.
  • You'll also spend a few minutes checking in on a few other team members and leaving quick supportive notes.
  • You'll have access to a robust forum for more connection and support.
  • Your coach will be checking in on you at least 3 or 4 times a week to encourage you, answer questions, and give you guidance.
  • You'll have access to Morgana's "Money Love Lab" open office hours for live Q&A and laser coaching!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconI'm already working with a coach. Is this redundant or a conflict?

    Actually, no! It’s complementary. You are working with your coach on goals, plans, and strategies. We help you get them done! It’s a perfect fit. We work with lots of coaches, consultants, and trainers to support their clients in their coaching and trainings programs, online courses, and mastermind groups.

  • q-iconWhat types of problems does the Results Accelerator™ help me overcome?

    Take your pick! This program has been effective for overcoming procrastination, resistance, isolation, overwhelm, self-doubt, self-sabotage, and burn-out. The beauty of this system is that it has far-reaching positive impacts in all areas of your life. We see clients also making positive changes in self-confidence, exercise, dating, meditation, organization, and time management, too.

  • q-iconWhat if I don’t have time for this?

    Believe it or not, you will SAVE time in the long run if you join the Accelerator. There are several reasons for this. You will manage your time better. You will find times for your very important long-term goals that you didn’t know you had. The encouragement from your peers and coach will make your emotional state steadier, enabling you to do more and to take time off.

    Finally, our extensive data shows that on average, each member spends seven or eight minutes a day on the site. Surely you can afford that amount of time in order to achieve more? What is the cost of treading water, not moving forward, not seeing the results that you’ve already invested so heavily in? It really is worth 8 minutes a day!

  • q-iconI’m in Europe/Asia/Australia. How do I get the support I need?

    That’s the beauty of a program like this: you can interact with writers all over the globe on your own schedule in your own time zone. It’s thrilling to wake up and find notes from your group members celebrating and commenting on your progress. The only truly time-sensitive, scheduled events for the Accelerator (like the live welcome and coaching calls) tend to be held mid-day Pacific Time so that participants in Hawaii, New York, the UK, Europe, and Australia can still participate. And, if that schedule doesn’t work for you, we record all the live sessions and make the recordings available on the site. We also have fairly active forums so you can ask questions and get them answered, even if you can’t attend the live calls.

  • q-iconAccountability sounds scary. What does it mean?

    We find that just knowing that friendly eyes are checking in on you and paying attention to your progress has a dramatic effect to motivate you to do more than you would do all by yourself. The way we think of accountability in the Results Accelerator is that you are being accountable to yourself — doing what you said you were going to do — when you report back to us in the group on the site. And we’ll be there to cheer you on for every day you manage it, on the days when it’s hard, and on the days when you don’t pull it off.


    The Accelerator is a guilt-free zone that helps you see what’s working and what’s not in your daily actions, so you can make adjustments that work. Judgment, harsh accountability, and guilt are weapons of your Money Monster. That’s not how we roll. Instead we focus on noticing, paying attention, experimenting, and keeping an eye out for typical red flags (like doing too much, or disappearing) so we can help you stay on track with your commitment to yourself. That’s what this kind of accountability is all about. Nobody is going to yell at you here.

  • q-iconIs this a tax-deductible or reimbursable expense?

    Yes, our coaching programs are typically a business tax deduction or reimbursable employee expense, because the programs, products, and services provide business and personal development. In some cases, programs can be considered continuing professional education and may possibly qualify for credit. Ask your accountant, employer, and credit-granting organization.

  • q-iconCan guys do this? Or is this program just for women?

    The Results Accelerator™ is a gender neutral program: apply it to whatever you’re working on.  My “Beta” group was all women–mostly culled from my goddess retreats in Bali, but we’ve tested this system on men, too and the fellows get just as much value. So yes: bring your projects and your Money Honey to the party, men!


Colleen Norris Suchecki

I killed my money monster and had my 1st $10K month in January! YAY!

Colleen Norris Suchecki

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