To your Sisterhood for Advanced Alchemy...


This secret, invitation-only coven comprised of favorite clients. You have already slain monsters, partnered with your Money Honey, and you are playing at a high level of mastery.

You are facing the question or already on the path of "What's next?"

This program is still totally different from the online "information dump" of other programs.


Because we're primarily focused on Transformation, not Information. You're not a beginner.


You're here to transcend the usual, not squeeze into it.


We know from experience that up-leveling is often a messy process of dissolution and chaos as what we leave the old and familiar behind. Next Level Ascension requires support!!!

And now you have sisterhood of space aliens who get you and your path.

The Challenge:

You have needs that aren’t being met in isolation.

You don't need a guru, a shiny object, or information overwhelm.

You don't want another group that doesn't understand you or play at your level.

Even before Covid you were tired of being the lone wolf who's ahead of your pack, and you've yearning for peers of talent and experience who understand you, support you, contribute to you, who raise the bar for what's possible...

You have an appetite to achieve bigger dreams with Ease, Flow, and Synchronicity.

You want daily connection with your Money Honey and your own inner compass.


There's a BETTER way to get your needs met so you can realize your true potential, faster.

Even high-achieving superstars will find themselves performing better and getting more done--with less effort and more enjoyment—with the right support system.


This is Your Online Love Club for Next Lvel Results...

  • Do less to get more done
  • Master short (and addictive) bursts of forward action every day
  • Get support and coaching to make continuous improvements
  • Achieve more than you ever have before
  • Surround yourself with a highly committed community of like-minded do-gooders who share a common understanding of Money Monsters and Money Honeys

Participation produces results


Our "Rich Witches Brew" for Success:

1) Private Coaching with Morgana

2) Money Love Labs 2 times a month to drop in for what you need

3) 1 in-person retreat every 6 months

4) Online micro-community to witness and support your progress and evolution

You are seen. You are loved. That's why you're here.


What happens when you enroll

  • The day the program begins, Morgana will teach a live "on boarding" class to walk you through the system and help you develop your juicy goal for the month.
  • Then you'll check in for a few minutes 4 to 7 times a week to share you intentions, your challenges, and your accomplishments.
  • Every time you log in to your progress dashboard you'll aslo check in with your Money Honey and tune in to your Money Honey's encouragement.
  • You'll also spend a few minutes checking in on a few other members and leaving quick supportive notes.
  • You'll have access to a robust forum for more connection and support.
  • You'll have access to Morgana's "Money Love Lab" open office zooms for live Q&A and laser coaching!